Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Audbile.com has cured me of lazy reading

I've long listened to audiobooks when commuting in the car.  I think I started probably some time in 1999 with books on cassette but since the advent of my iphone and audible.com's app, it's grown easier, more compact and more addictive..

Now days, I essentially have no interest in driving unless it comes with a book.  If it comes with a book though, I'll drive from here to anywhere.

I read fiction mostly.  Most of that horror, but occasionally other things.

One requirement for me is no abridgments.   These defeat the purpose entirely for me of an audiobook.

I'm a lazy reader.  When I read a book - like literally hold pressed pulp and ink in my hands scanning character by character line by line - I skip stuff with abandon.  I'm all but incapable of reading it word for word even though my eyes may pass over every letter.

Why?  Because I live for the action and interaction when reading.  I have no patience for the verbal painting of scene and setting or the nuance of attire - unless it's coming off or otherwise in action - and character description.  I bounce from dialog to dialog - from action to action - with no downshifting for anything vaguely passive.

When I listen to a book though, I get every word and nuance my authors wrote and their editors kept.   It's infinitely more rewarding than the hack and slash method of getting through books from action point to action point that I'd normally employ if actually reading them.

Problem arises though..  I can only do it while driving.  If I try to listen to an audiobook in the house, I fall asleep in nothing flat.   Doesn't matter the subject matter or the degree of drama or action.. I cannot do it for long.

I have frequently gone the long way everywhere because I wasn't ready to put my book down ;)